The Magic Mountain Foundation has a status of Public Benefit Organization (organizacja pożytku publicznego). That means that any Polish tax-payer can deduct 1% of his or her annual tax to our organization.

In the past years all 1% donations have been dedicated toward co-financing of climbing-rehabilitation camps for disadvantaged youth and children, that otherwise would not have a chance to join such activities. On annual basis we welcome over 300 youth in Mniszkow.

We encourage you to donate your 1% to our organization!

The procedure is simple. While filling out your annual tax report, calculate the 1% of your tax. And write down the name and registration number of our organization in the appropriate table:

KRS 0000197931

Your fiscal authority will wire the amount you declared in the Tax report to our bank account. It is only by your permission that the fiscal authority can reveal your personal information to us.

Feel free to support us in any other form of financial contribution.

Fundacja Czarodziejska Góra
67 1240 1066 1111 0010 0182 7744

Thank you for your support!

As public benefit organization we are obliged to publish our financial reports. You can find them all here: database of public benefit organizations in Poland.